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gunnar foley gunnarfoley artofgunnarfoley i ateljén

Born in England raised in Sweden.

Gunnar Foley is a tattoo artist and a painter inspired by places both back and forward in time and from his travels around the world. Gunnar invites us to go beyond traditional boundaries, revealing a surreal world rich in contrasts that simultaneously carries traces of older paintings and historical reflections as well as from graffiti and pop art. The paintings consists of abstract, architectural forms, often with human and landscape details where the borders between object and body interact creating imaginative compositions which constantly challenge the artworks´ interpretation and potential. Using richness of detail, precision and humor Gunnar composes an impressive tapestry of references from all corners of the world in a unique, absurd, boundless dream world. The Borderless Borderland,- Det Gränslösa Gränslandet.

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